Students who are dependents of expatriate families seconded to SIL-PNG may submit their applications for enrolment at any time, and enter school upon their arrival in Ukarumpa.

For all other applicants, UIS holds Open Application periods twice per year.  Applications accepted between 1 March and 1 April will be considered for July enrolment.  Applications received between 1 September and 1 October will be considered for January enrolment.  No applications will be accepted outside of these Open Application periods, and applications will not be considered unless the packet is complete, the appropriate application fee has been paid, and all requested documentation has been submitted within the Application period.  Please contact us to request an application packet.

If class space is available in class(es) an applicant qualifies for, he or she will be scheduled to sit for placement testing and English language testing.  The Enrolment committee will review results of placement tests and English-language assessments before making enrolment decisions according to the Enrolment Policies set forth by the UIS School Board.