Village Programme


The Village Programme is a Primary Campus instructional program. The programme is used by linguist and other village-based families who spend periods of time working remotely, away from Ukarumpa.

Their students are enrolled in UIS and are assigned a class and teacher. The classroom teacher is notified which children are participating in the village programme and communication begins between the family and the teacher.

Teachers supply parents with a term outline and other educational materials needed for the weeks that the student will be in the village with his/her family. During these remote assignments, parents assist their children in completing schoolwork so that they can keep up with their class in Ukarumpa and be ready to re-assimilate when they return.

Classroom teachers communicate with students and parents who are in the village via the 2-way radio, mobile phones, or e-mail. During these contacts, the teacher has a chance to talk about expectations, current school events, and classroom announcements, and most importantly to listen to and address the concerns of the village parent/teacher.

The main goal of the Village Programme is to keep young families together by equipping parents to teach their students while they are away from Ukarumpa.