Serve at UIS

RecruitmentWhy Teach?

Teaching is a noble calling no matter where you do it!  However, if you come to teach at UIS, you will also be supporting the cause of Bible translation.

Several hundred language groups in PNG alone have never had any Scripture in their own mother-tongues. Most of the parents of our students are serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and supporting this Bible translation process.

By teaching their children, you would be helping these families to stay on the field and continue in the work they came here to do.


teacher1We need teachers for various age groups and subjects from Preschool up to High School.  

Most teachers apply through Wycliffe Bible Translators.   UIS teachers do not receive a salary in the traditional sense of the word, but are supported financially by a team of churches and individuals in their home countries. Help is given in building these partnerships.

We are always eager to hear from qualified, committed teachers who have a heart for God, for children, and for missions. If you feel that God is pulling you in the direction of overseas service and would like more information about how you could fit in at our school, please send us a message. You may also like to sign up for email updates.  To see our current teacher needs, visit our page on Facebook.