Secondary School

Our campus consists of eight utility classrooms, two social studies rooms, five small MTS/Language study rooms, a double computer room, three well-equipped science classrooms/laboratories,  one room each for home economics, shop, and art, an audio-visual room (seating about 90), and a library.  The music block consists of a large rehearsal room with space for both vocal and instrumental practices, smaller individual practice rooms, offices, instrument storage space, and workshop space.

Other facilities include a teachers’ lounge/kitchen area, workroom for teachers with computers and individual desk space, offices, storerooms, a Mother-tongue Studies (MTS) library, grounds maintenance workshop, and a lounge for the senior class.


The campus has a sports oval, used for soccer, softball, track and field, etc.

There is also an outdoor basketball court, volleyball court and foursquare court.  The school has access to tennis courts and an indoor basketball court close by.

Student Resources
Computers with screened internet access are available in the computer labs and in the library.

We have a significant resource of books, magazines, and reference series in the library.  Study carrels and easy chairs make the library a pleasant place for students to study and read.

Class Size/Teacher Ratios
labWhile class sizes vary from 6 to 20 students, average class size is one teacher for every 15 students.

Co-curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities offered at UIS include sports, student council, music (both vocal and instrumental), drama, and yearbook.  Other clubs such as robotics are offered as facilitators are available.

Frequently Asked Questions