Primary School


Facilities on the campus include 6 classrooms, 4 double classrooms, a computer lab, art room, assembly hall, library, audio-visual room, 2 Learning Assistance classrooms, and six classrooms for Mother Tongue Studies.  The office facility includes a teacher workroom with computers, a staff  kitchen, and a gathering area. In addition to play equipment, the large playground area has soccer and baseball fields and a large covered basketball court. Covered walkways allow students and staff to traverse the campus in the rain without getting wet.

Class Size/Teacher Ratios
Class sizes range from 12 – 25 students in a class, depending on the age of the students and the ebb and flow of our population. Students and teachers come from a variety of countries.  As personnel are available, the Learning Assistance Department can help students with various learning needs.


In addition to the core curriculum subjects (reading, writing, spelling, math, science, social studies and Bible), students at the UIS primary campus have weekly specialty classes such as computers, art, physical education, music, and library.

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