Philosophy of Education


We seek to provide an education that is Christ-centred because we believe that God’s truth is the foundation of all truth. We believe that God created, loves, and desires fellowship with each student. Only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can a student fulfil God’s plan for his/her life and achieve his/her maximum potential.

We seek to provide education that is academically excellent because we believe each student should acquire basic skills, knowledge, and understanding in each discipline. The curriculum should provide depth and width of exposure and experience while maintaining a Christian perspective. The school should be responsive to the dynamic, rapid changes in our world through constant, constructive re-evaluation of our program and teaching methods.


We seek to provide an education that is culturally sensitive because our students come from a wide variety of home cultures, each of which has its own important traditions and values. We desire to foster in our students an appreciation of each of these cultures, and especially those of Papua New Guinea.

We seek to provide an education that is cognisant of individual personalities, needs, and gifts because we believe each student has dignity and worth, and is divinely equipped with a unique set of abilities and potentialities to be developed. We endeavour to utilise the staff and the variety of other resources God has given us to meet as many student needs as possible, trusting Him to lead and guide us.

We believe that God has given parents the primary responsibility of training their children for Him, and that the co-operation of school, family, community, and other educational agencies will enhance the development of wholesome attitudes and worthwhile goals in the student’s life.

We believe that as an extension of the God-given authority of parents, the teacher should seek to be an example, friend, and leader, as well as instructor, and should strive to be aware of the personalities, needs, capabilities, and concerns of his/her students, individually and collectively. The teacher is entitled to the respect and co-operation of the students, administration, and parents as he/she seeks to fulfil these responsibilities.

We believe that as we apply these principles God will cause our students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so that they may become productive, responsible citizens with a Biblical worldview, desiring to see the lost won for Christ.