SLOs (School-wide Learning Outcomes)

What should every student who leaves our school be able to do, know, understand, or value so they can be successful in the real world?

Every student should:

Have a Biblical worldview

  • Have a Biblical understanding of God, creation, man, moral order, and purpose
  • Use Scripture as a guide for faith, thought, and action
  • Analyse and evaluate alternative world views
  • Exercise Biblical mandates (e.g. the Great Commission, the Great Commandment)

Be knowledgeable, reasoning, and discerning

  • Have a strong foundation of the core knowledge and skills within each discipline
  • Be able to find, evaluate, and apply appropriate information
  • Apply critical thinking skills to a variety of subject matter
  • Be able to make wise, God-honouring decisions
  • Make learning a lifestyle

Understand themselves and others

  • Know and appreciate their own gifts and talents
  • Value and understand other people regardless of culture
  • Work effectively with others
  • Serve others with sacrifice and empathy

Be an effective communicator

  • Use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary to communicate concepts in writing and speaking
  • Use appropriate technology to communicate with others
  • Be an active listener
  • Read with understanding and fluency

Be a good steward

  • Of their body by cultivating healthy habits
  • Of their intellect by wisely balancing time, effort, and abilities in lifelong learning
  • Of their talents by using them to honour God and bless others
  • Of their character development by cultivating virtues of hard work, integrity, perseverance, and self-discipline
  • Of creation by ruling over it without exploitation or wastefulness